Industrial Rope Access Services Perth


Providing a variety of services for clients in a wide range of industries.

Resolute Access Group specialise in a variety of high – level multistorey residential, commercial, and industrial maintenance and construction projects.

Our skilled personnel can get to the hard-to-reach areas of high structures, bridges, buildings, dams, wharfs, factories, refineries, and plant to help deliver solutions to our clients and satisfy needs by providing
a comprehensive resolution to their asset integrity and maintenance requirements.


About Resolute Access Group

Delivering the highest quality service

Resolute Access Group’s supreme ability to provide essential services throughout an asset’s life cycle creates value for our customers.

Our attitude to our clients problems provides us with an opportunity to display our professional skillset via innovative strategies from planning and execution, to completion of projects to satisfy our clients’ wishes through the delivery of safe, efficient and cost-effective packages. and work closely with all of our key clients to ensure their needs are addressed.

Why Choose US

Why Choose Resolute Access Group

Our team of experts have gained their knowledge and experience from numerous industrious fields worldwide, from breaking containment in hazardous confined spaces more than 30 meters underwater to remote power stations and refineries, from rigging on mine and construction sites to asset protection on deep-water exploration vessels from concrete repairs on enlisted buildings to glazing replacement on multi-million-dollar projects.  Integrating these skills ensures we are proficient in the delivery of world class practices.

Our team hold safety in the highest regard in line with our core values which affirm that “our health is our wealth.” Keeping safety at the forefront of all our projects drives our colleagues to communicate every and all aspects of the job.


Communication is the key.

We are dedicated to resolving every customer’s problems until absolute approval and satisfaction is achieved whilst having minimal impact on surrounding areas, other operations, and the environment.  


We are always ready to help you and answer your questions

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    ABN: 49 628 455 587
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    29 Cliffside Trail, Edgewater WA 6027

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