Standby rescue

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Standby rescue is an essential safety measure in industries where personnel may work in confined spaces or at heights. It involves having a trained rescue team on standby, ready to respond in case of an emergency or accident.

In the event of an emergency, standby rescue teams use various equipment and techniques, including tripods over hatches or manholes, to retrieve personnel safely and quickly from confined spaces or heights. The rescue team is trained to provide emergency first aid as necessary, ensuring the safety of the technician and preventing any further harm.

Standby rescue teams are responsible for monitoring the worksite, identifying potential hazards, and implementing measures to prevent accidents or injuries. They work in close coordination with other safety teams on the site, such as the safety supervisor, to ensure that all safety measures are followed and that the worksite remains safe at all times.

Overall, standby rescue is an important safety measure that can save lives and prevent serious injuries. It is essential to have a trained and experienced rescue team on standby to respond quickly in case of an emergency and to ensure the safety of all personnel on the site.


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