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Concrete repairs involve the restoration and repair of damaged or deteriorated concrete structures. Concrete is a durable material, but it can be subject to various forms of damage, such as cracking, spalling, and erosion due to exposure to weather, chemicals, and other factors.

Concrete repairs can range from minor patching and filling to more extensive restoration and rebuilding of concrete structures. The repair process typically involves removing damaged or deteriorated concrete, preparing the surface, and then applying a new layer of concrete or repair material.

There are various types of repair materials and techniques available, such as epoxy injections, polymer overlays, and shotcrete. The choice of repair method depends on the severity and location of the damage, as well as the intended use and lifespan of the repaired structure.

Properly repaired concrete structures can last for many years and provide long-term durability and stability. It is important to have concrete repairs carried out by qualified professionals with experience in concrete repair and restoration to ensure the integrity and safety of the structure.


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